Plaza Stage

Saturday, May 18th

4:30 – 5:15 PM

Weber State Univeristy Ballet Folkórico and The Ohana Association is a “Leadership, Academic Excellence, Management Skills, Mentoring, Cultural Competence, Civic Engagement and Heritage folk Program.” Students involved in the program are empowered and guided with the necessary tools (i.e. scholarships, study skills, time management, leadership skills, team building, culture and traditions through the art of folk) to become successful student leaders in their communities. These tools help student leaders to improve and maintain a good GPA and graduate from high school and college. Students involved have to mirror the program’s philosophy, which is to mentor students, and behave as a role model.

These students are expected to be leaders in their homes, communities, and at school. They are empowered to strengthen and embrace their heritage and culture. In addition, the community gains a sense of cultural pride as they connect with the college students and both populations share and embrace their cultural heritage. This year the WSU Ballet Folklórico is partnering with the Ohana Association which mirror the philosophy of the program. These two student organizations at WSU are ready to provide a truly multicultural show with color, tradition, culture heritage and authentic folk!