Booth #21

VIETNAMESE / Vietnamese Volunteer Youth

Vietnamese Volunteer Youth is a nonprofit organization for youth ages 6 and up focusing on maintaining Vietnamese tradition and culture through education, training, service projects, and prevention. Their mission is to build productive citizens who will make positive contributions to society. Weekly programming for youth includes practicing for cultural performances such as lion dancing, conical hat dances, flower dances and more. Money raised at the Living Traditions Festival will help fund these activities as well as providing costumes for cultural dance presentations


Fried Spring Roll / Fresh Spring Roll / Pot Stickers / Pork Patechaud / Ham Fried Rice / Vietnamese Chicken Salad / Grilled Pineapple & Chicken Skewers / Pork, Chicken, or Tofu Stuffed Buns / Coconut Turnover / Watermelon / Chia Seed & Grass Jell-o / Lychee Lemonade / Fruit Spritzer / Banh Mi / Noodle Salad