Booth #15

TIBETAN / Utah Tibetan Association

The Utah Tibetan Association is a nonprofit organization that serves as a resource for anyone interested in learning about Tibet, Tibetans, languages, religion or any other aspect of Tibetan culture. Their objective and mission is to preserve the Tibetan culture, arts, language, and provide guidance to the young generation of Tibetans in Utah. Proceeds earned from the Living Traditions Festival will go towards Tibetan Language and Culture classes, education training and sports education for youth.


Beef Momos / Veggie Momo / Chicken Curry / Hot Spicy Potatoes / Vegetarian Fried Noodle / Teriyaki Chicken / Lassi Shake

This high mountain nation bases its foods on what is available. In the mountainous areas, vegetables are rare and barley, meat and dairy products are more prevalent. Yak butter, many types of tea, yogurt and yak milk are typical components in Tibetan meals.