Booth #11

THAI / Wat Dhammaguaram of Utah

Wat Dhammagunaram of Utah has been the center of Thai culture and Buddhist study in Utah since it was established in 1975. They provide services, classes, and help to their community to ensure they have a place to practice their peaceful faith and culture. They work with local schools, cities, prisons, and businesses by giving speeches, attending conferences and participating in activities. Proceeds raised at the Living Traditions Festival will be used to support their annual cultural festivals such as Thai New Year, Summer Food Fair, Loy Krathong Light Festival, and Kathin Robe Offering. These events allow members to promote their way of life and for the general public to learn more about Thai culture. Funds will also support the cultural school which teaches meditation, Thai language, Thai dance and music, and Buddhism.

Pad Thai / Fried Rice / Crispy Egg Roll / Red Curry Chicken / Chicken Satay / Thai Iced Coffee / Thai Iced Tea


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