Booth #8

SERBIAN / St. Archangel Michael Serbian Orthodox Church

The St. Archangel Michael Serbian Orthodox Church has a folk dance group and weekly activities for Serbian refugee and immigrants, but their doors are open and welcome to all. They strive to assist their members in adapting to everyday life in the United States, while still keeping their culture alive. Proceeds from the Living Traditions Festival will provide everyday needs to their members and supplies for their organization to help keep the Serbian culture alive here in Salt Lake City.


Sarma / Gulas Sa Rizam (Meat stew with rice) / Cevapi (mini sausages) / Sopska Salad / Balkan Pita / Krofne (airy filled donuts) / Kuglice (sweet truffles) / Cajni Kolutici (tea cookies) / Sok od Zove (European Elder Juice)

In Serbia, sarma is cooked using fermented cabbage leaves, ground beef and pork, rice and seasonings. Sarma rolls are slowly simmered in large pots with lard and layers of smoked pork, seasoned with vegetable seasoning, bay leaves and paprika. Some family recipes include finishing sarma by baking it in an oven which gives it distinctive flavor. Sarma is one of the staple meals for festive occasions like Christmas, New Year, Easter, birthdays, family Saint Patron’s Day (Slava), etc.