Booth #6

HAWAII’N / Island Traditions

Island Traditions of Hawaii is an exciting Pacific Island performing, catering, and educational troupe sharing the cultures of Hawaii, New Zealand, Tahiti and Samoa. They delight audiences with exotic dances, hypnotizing music, pulsating drums, delicious authentic “local” food and the ability to help you experience enchanting Polynesia. Our mission is to preserve our cultures and continue the journeys of our ancestors here in Utah. Money raised at Living Traditions will be used to cover the costs of rehearsal space and costumes.


Pulehu Chicken Bowl (marinated and flame grilled served with rice) / Loco Moco (grilled beef patties on a bed of rice, topped with gravy and a fried egg. Vegan option also available) / Charsiu Pork Sliders on Hawaii’n sweet bread / Musubi (grilled spam with secret sauce sandwiched between layers of rice, wrapped in seaweed) / Vegan Tofu Wonton Salad (mixed salad greens, cucumber and tomato with sesame seed dressing) / Crab Wontons with Cream Cheese / Grilled Pineapple / Chill Island Treat (sherbet served in a fresh pineapple topped with pineapple, red, and yellow papaya) / Hawaiian Sun Juices/Coconut Water