Booth #9

CAMBODIAN / Utah Cambodian Buddhist Temple

The Utah Cambodian Community Buddhist Temple built the new Sala Chun (Temple) in 2014 and is the only Cambodian Temple in Utah. Regular Buddhist practices are held everyday with monks chanting in the mornings. On the weekends, the whole community and their families are welcome to come to the temple and find peace and blessings for their families and ancestors. Proceeds from the Living Traditions Festival will be used for year-round maintenance of Sala Chun, traditional outfits for the Khemera Dance Troupe, and assistance to families in need.


Pork & Vegetable Egg Roll / Veggie Egg Roll / Chicken Steamed Rice / Grilled Coconut Cream Corn on the Cob / Chicken Stix / Pork Fried Spring Roll / Fresh Watermelon / Fresh Coconut / Fried Banana and Sweet Potatoes / Roasted Coconut Juice / Combo Plates