In March 2008, Bhutanese refugees began resettling in Utah. Far from home, members of the community struggled to adapt in this world with entirely different cultures, traditions, and languages. To meet the growing needs of the community, Bhutanese refugees met with the Refugee Services Office and formed their own community organization, The Bhutanese Community in Utah (BCU). By August 2009, BCU was officially registered in Utah and received permit as a charitable organization. Soon after, they received a grant to provide supplemental case management, interpretation, transportation, collected and distributed donations, and other services to the needy families of the Bhutanese community. During this project period, the Bhutanese Community in Utah was approved for 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. Money raised during Living Traditions goes to support these programs and services. The Bhutanese Community in Utah is committed to promoting, preserving the ethnicity, culture, traditions, diverse religions and building organizational and individual capacities through case management, education, advocacy, mentoring, sports, collaboration and partnerships.


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Vegetable Curry Samosa / Momo with spicy Chutney / Daal / Bhat / Nepali Tea


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