Booth #13

BASQUE / Basque Club of Utah

The Basque Club of Utah consists of members of Basque descent living in Utah. The club strives to keep the Basque culture alive with language classes, a dance group, and an annual dinner fundraiser. Proceeds from the Living Traditions Festival will be used to provide the dance group’s costumes and equipment.


Basque Chorizo (Pork Sausage seasoned with garlic and pimentos) / Basque Churros (Deep fried pastry dough sprinkled with sugar) / Basque Ham Croquetas (Ham in bechamel dough, rolled in Panko and deep fried)

An independent culture from its neighbors of France and Spain, the Basque cuisine is distinctive in its reliance on such ingredients as beans, cod, paprika and sheep’s milk cheese. The Basque sausage and lightly fried doughnut-like churros are emblems of the Basque community.