30th Anniversary


In 2015, the Salt Lake City Arts Council celebrated the 30th Anniversary of the Living Traditions Festival.  It was a great time to reflect on the memories, experiences and amazing stories that we have all shared throughout the 30 year history of the event. For the 2015 festival, we highlighted 12 groups/organizations that have been a part of the attraction since the first year. We asked them to share some of their stories, discuss their art forms, culture and community and their history with the Living Traditions Festival.

Brochure Cover from 1986 Event

1986 EVENTS in Salt Lake BROCHURE

Program Guide from 1986

1986 Events In Salt Lake Program Guide

30th Anniversary Photo Gallery

Photos Courtesy of Salt Lake City Photo Collective Studios

Meet some of the performers who make this event so special!  With cultures from all over the world represented, one may be surprised at just how diverse Salt Lake City really is.

Face To Face with Living Traditions Legacy Artists

Check out the video links below to learn more about our Living Traditions Legacy Artists who have been participating in the Festival since the very beginning! Interviews with the Castillo Family band, the Utah Basque Club, and many others. These are just some of the people who come together at the Living Traditions Festival to give Salt Lake City a snapshot into their cultural lives. Sharing their music, their food, their traditional dances and more, hear from the people who make Living Traditions a favorite event in Salt Lake City.

Video Interviews Courtesy of Salt Lake City Photo Collective Studios

Salt Lake History Minute Courtesy of SLCTV