This year’s Living Traditions Festival is set to have amazing multicultural food choices for everyone to enjoy and appreciate. Last year’s festival offered a wide variety of ethnic foods, and this year’s Living Traditions Festival will offer new ethnic food options along with the favorites from last year. Whatever food from whichever culture you plan to try, you will be contributing to selected nonprofit organizations and/or churches that are associated with that culture/community, these associations bring many great programs to their communities year round.

New Multicultural food options for 2019’s festival are:

Indian Frybread Meal, A Native American staple. According to the Smithsonian Magazine, “Navajo Frybread originated 154 years ago”. Source:

The multicultural food choices returning favorites (and their associated group) from last year’s festival are:

  • Cambodian — Utah Cambodian Buddhist Temple
  • Colombian – Association Colombianos en el Exterior
  • Congolese – Mama Africa Grill
  • Basque – Basque Club of Utah
  • Hawaiian – Island Traditions
  • Italian – Italian-American Civic League
  • Lebanese – Lebanese Community in Utah
  • Nepalese – Nepalese Association of Utah
  • Pakistani – Pakistan Association
  • Peruvian – Peruvian Traditions
  • Serbian – Serbian Orthodox Church
  • Thai – Wat Dhammaguaram of Utah
  • Tibetan – Utah Tibetan Association
  • Tongan – National Tongan-American Society of Utah
  • Turkmen – Turkmenistan Cultural Center
  • Vietnamese – Vietnamese Volunteer Youth

Come for the multicultural food choices, stay for everything else the festival has to offer! Make sure you come enjoy any of/all of these culture’s cuisine at the 2019 Living Traditions Festival, taking place May 17-19 in Salt Lake City, Utah!